How it works

  • Easy, Fast Registration

    To begin using SEE services straight away, simply register via our portal.

  • Confirm Payment Method

    We have flexible payment options letting you get set up to pay via Credit Card, BACS or Direct Debit. If you use a credit card, you can start buying credits and vouchers immediately!

  • Buy, Build and Assign Eyecare Vouchers

    Using the portal, you can buy vouchers or use credits to build your own safety bespoke vouchers. You can then assign the eyecare vouchers to your employees. VDU vouchers are available in multiples of 5. Safety eyecare vouchers are built using credits to give you complete control over what services are included, 1 credit costs £1.

  • Distribute Vouchers

    When you have chosen or built your vouchers, you then have the choice to email the finished voucher to the employee, directly print it from the portal for your employee or grant your employee access to the portal to self-serve. Providing the voucher completes your health and safety obligations.

  • Employee Choice of Opticians

    With an assigned voucher, your employees can then book an appointment with the opticians of their choice from across our extensive network of more than 1,800 GOC-accredited opticians.

  • Online Account Management

    Within your portal account you can create reports and track of how many vouchers/credits you have assigned and how many available credits you have remaining giving you complete control of your eyecare budget.

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